Welcome to Ecolectro


Our Story

Our founding team is deeply passionate about tackling climate change and preserving the environment. Ecolectro was founded because we knew that the technology to make inexpensive renewable energy existed in the laboratory. In our view making clean technologies inexpensive is the key for wide-spread adoption. Our Alkaline Exchange Materials (AEMs) platform is the technology that has the potential to fight climate change by solving the high cost traditionally associated with renewable energy and clean technologies. Our core AEM technology was developed by scientists at Cornell University. When successful, Ecolectro’s AEMs will replace perfluoro-sulfonic acid polymers (PFSAs), making electrochemical systems that make/store energy, chemicals and fuels less expensive, longer lasting and safer.

>50% lower cost; 3x Durability; 100% Renewable.


OUR Mission

Ecolectro’s mission is to use chemistry to decarbonize the energy, manufacturing and transportation industries.


Our Product

Alkaline Exchange Materials

Ionomer Solutions

Polymer Membranes

Catalyst Coated Membranes


Our technology

Alkaline Exchange Materials (AEM) Platform

We are Driven to replace perfluoro-sulfonic acid polymers (PFSA) in a variety of applications Including fuel cells, hydrogen generation, and water technologies, among other high performance applications. Replacing PFSA materials will make these applications less expensive and cost competitive. Our team can add features to our AEM platform to fit your application needs.